How to order ARTproducts?

At ARTproducts you can order craft (designer) products, made at the factory or by individual craftsmen (artisans). AND You can also order goods according to your sketch «Individual order».

  • each seller places and sells his goods on his own: he himself indicates prices, the rules of his store, delivery and payment terms for their goods. You buy products from sellers directly;

  • since sellers are in different countries and regions, the delivery amount in each case Depends on the remoteness and tariffs of delivery services;

  • Any questions about the product, its properties and features can only be answered by the seller. All details can be clarified in personal correspondence with the seller after sending the order in the order details, the «Discussion» form;

  • for mutual safety and reliability, checkout is available only to registered customers. Creating an account is a simple and quick procedure.

I found a product and want to buy, how to checkout purchase?

  1. Check out the product page with possible payment and delivery options.
    Since different sellers are represented on the platform, conditions may differ. If questions remain - all details can be clarified in correspondence.
  2. Put the product in the basket: the BUY button is always next to it.
    If there is no such button, then the goods are out of stock, in this case you can make the seller "Custom Order".

  3. Go to the shopping cart to complete the checkout:
    a) indicate delivery city;
    b) choose shipping method.
    If the seller indicated the cost of delivery, then in the basket the transaction amount will be calculated automatically. If the seller has not set a shipping price, write him a message and specify the cost.
    c) select a payment method.

  4. Go to the next step and specify the data to send: name, address, contact phone.

  5. On the In the final step, check your order and confirm the purchase.
    Here you can write a comment: some explanations and clarifications about size, packaging, etc.

  6. Seller will receive a notification of a new order immediately. Pay only when he accepts the purchase: its status will change to «Awaiting payment».

How to order individual order?

On ARTproducts you may not only buy craft goods presented in the Catalog, but also order from specific seller the implementation of an individual project according to your idea.

How to make the seller an individual order?

  1. Go to the store of the seller you need. To do this, click on its name.

In the store, select paragraph Custom Order.

Describe your wishes to the order, attach a sketch of the project or product and click Submit.

2. Seller will come notice of your order, and he will prepare you his proposal. AT You will discuss the details with the correspondence, agree on a price and agree on all conditions.

3. Seller will expose your an order for a showcase where it will list all the details of the order and the agreed conditions delivery. After that, the transaction will be formalized, which will allow us to If so, protect the interests of the customer. Be sure to wait for confirmation an order by the seller, the order status is «Awaiting payment» before making a payment.

  1. All information on your order (wishes, correspondence with the seller, status order) is always available to you in the Orders section.

How to refuse an individual order?

The order has not yet been accepted by the seller (status "Adopted to work"), you have the opportunity to cancel it. Go to the Orders section, select an order and write message to the seller to cancel the order (the status is «Canceled»)

How to pay for an individual order?

Individual orders are accepted after advance payment by buyer. Thus, the order is paid in two stages. First before taking order to work, after coordination and placement on the seller’s window. Second paid when the order is ready for shipment.

Payment of advance payment.

After placing your agreed order on display seller’s status should change to “Awaiting payment”: the statuses of all transactions are visible to you on the Orders page.
You will also receive a notification about this. Only then do payment. After payment, the status of the individual order will be «Advance Paid».

Final settlement.

After the seller completes the order and is ready for it transfer to the customer or to the delivery service, the status of the order will change to "Pending 2 payments". After that, you need to make an additional payment of the balance in the Orders section for the corresponding order.

If you get product using the button Buy and pay by bank card directly on the site - you do not need to wait until the seller accepts the purchase - he receives an order notification instantly, he knows that the goods have already been paid and must send it no later than the deadline allotted for this.

What if the seller is not responding?

Not all sellers have the ability to respond. instantly to order or message - a person, for example, may be in vacation or just temporarily not have access to the network. If for a long time you did not receive an order confirmation, or the seller does not respond to your messages, contact the Support Service in your country for consultation.

Where can I see all my orders and their status?

Details and management of all your purchases are always available to you on the Orders page.