How to sell on the platform ARTproducts

At ARTproducts you can sell your finished products and take orders for custom-made (original) products. Every day, the platform is visited by many designers, architects and those who want to independently create their dream home.

ARTproducts also sells materials and equipment for construction and repair. In a word, everything you need for non-trivial construction and repair of your home or office.

How to create a store on the platform ARTproducts

Shop on ARTproducts opens absolutely free.
If you don’t have an account yet, create one.

  1. Click Create a store at the bottom of the site or the corresponding icon if you are logged in from a mobile device.
  2. In the window that appears, specify the data necessary for registration of the seller.
  3. Select the appropriate rate. If you don’t know what to choose, leave the FREE tariff FREE.
  4. Indicate your city from which you will send parcels to customers. Click «Submit»
  5. After the platform administrator approves your entry, you will have access to customize your store and be able to add products.
What to do when a customer places an order
  1. Confirm all terms of the transaction, if required. On the order page, you can correspond with the buyer, specify delivery and payment details. It also shows all the information about the order (delivery address, name of the buyer, his phone number, etc.) and the history of correspondence.
    Here it is also possible to partially change the composition of the order and the terms of the transaction, if in general you are ready to fulfill it, but cannot sell any positions. When you make the change, the buyer will be notified.
  2. When all the conditions of the order are finally agreed, confirm this by changing the status of the order to “Accepted for work” or “Transferred to production”. After that, you and the buyer get the opportunity to leave feedback to each other on this transaction.
  3. Send the completed order to the buyer.
  4. As soon as the customer receives his order, he can leave feedback on the quality of your products in order to recommend you as a reliable seller to other customers.
How much is the placement on the platform

The store is created absolutely free. At the same time, you immediately have the opportunity to place up to 100 product items for free. Payment will only be in the form of a commission for the received and paid order. To get all the opportunities for the development of the store, select and pay the tariff plan that suits you.
Each tariff provides a specific set of opportunities and allows you to choose the best solution for your business. The cost of tariffs can be viewed on the link «Price List»

For advice on choosing the optimal tariff plan for your business, contact the Support Service in your country.

Instructions for using the ARTproducts platform
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