(a) the Buyer can place an Order on the Site for Products sold by a foreign person.

(b) Goods purchased from foreign sellers are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation under the procedure for importing goods for personal use. In this case, the Buyer is the importer of such Goods.

(C) the Buyer enters into a sales contract directly with the seller whose name is indicated on the Product page.

(d) all capitalized terms are used in the meaning set out in the General terms and conditions for the sale of goods to individuals, unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions.

(e) Hereinafter referred to as the "" this means ARTPRODUCTS LLC, the owner of the site

(e) Further referred to as "Dispute" — this is a procedure for settling issues with the seller regarding the return of Goods or funds, which is conducted through the Site.

(g) Hereinafter referred to as "Seller" - a foreign person who places their goods on the Site for sale.


1. Delivery Of The Order.

(a) Order delivery is possible in the following ways:

- regular mail delivery;

- accelerated Express delivery.

(b) you can Track information about the Order's delivery status in Your account on the Site.

(C) the Seller transfers the Order to the delivery Service on average within 4 calendar days from the date of placing the Order. If the Order status has not changed within 4 days, we recommend contacting the Seller to clarify the Order status.

(d) Estimated delivery times for the Order are indicated at the last stage of placing the Order on the Site.

(e) the seller is not responsible for any possible delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred through no fault of the Seller, including delays during customs clearance.

2. The cost of delivery.

(a) the delivery Cost is calculated automatically, and depends on the weight, size and volume of the ordered Goods. The delivery cost is specified when placing an Order on the Site.

3. Customs clearance of imported Goods.

(a) All Goods ordered from Sellers from abroad are subject to customs inspection and import clearance when crossing the border of the Russian Federation.

(b) when an Order is delivered via "accelerated Express delivery", the customs clearance of Goods ordered by Customers through the Site is handled by a company (third party)-a Customs representative.

(C) the Customs representative acts on behalf of and on behalf of the Buyer, since at the moment when the Goods cross the border of the Russian Federation, the Buyer is the person who has the authority to dispose of the goods - the importer.

(d) the Buyer provides his / her personal data, including full name, serial number and date of issue of passport, TIN, contact details and delivery address, in order to complete the Declaration for Goods to be transported across the border of the Russian Federation. The Express carrier will contact the Buyer directly to obtain the specified data.

(e) the Contract between the Customs representative and the Buyer is considered concluded at the time of placing the Order on the Website.

(f) the Buyer will not be charged any Additional customs clearance fees.

(g) the Buyer is entitled to:

- receive information from a Customs representative concerning customs clearance of Goods;

- be present at the customs clearance of Goods, or perform customs clearance of Goods independently.

(h) the Customs representative may:

- in exceptional cases, request the Buyer for information and documents required for customs clearance purposes;

- perform preliminary inspection and inspection of Goods under customs control, weighing, correcting damaged packaging, opening the packaging of Goods, if this is required by customs authorities;

- in case of non-payment of customs duties by the Buyer (if applicable), the Customs representative has the right to return the Goods to the Seller.

(I) Restrictions placed on Goods crossing the Russian border (for all delivery methods):

- goods for personal use imported within 1 month to the address of one recipient, the customs value of which does not exceed the amount equivalent to 1000 euros and the weight does not exceed 31 kg, and from January 1, 2019 – the amount equivalent to 500 euros and the weight does not exceed 31 kg are exempt from customs payments (information as of 01.09.2018)

- if the ordered Goods exceed the restrictions in force when the Order crosses the border of the Russian Federation, the Buyer must independently pay customs duties and taxes established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, about which he will be notified by the relevant authority and / or Customs representative;

- when ordering some categories of Goods more than 2 pieces (depending on Product category) in a single Order, this Order can be recognized by the customs authorities of the commercial party, which will lead to the impossibility of delivery, or requirement to the Buyer to pay taxes and customs payments, as commercial consignment. In this case, the delivery time is increased in proportion to the waiting period for payment or additional information from the Buyer.

(K) Under no circumstances doesArtproducts.runot participate in the customs clearance procedure and does not represent the Buyer in matters related to the import of goods for personal use to the territory of the Russian Federation


1. Role when paying for products. it is a platform that contains information about Sellers ' Products that are available for purchase, and makes it possible to conclude remote purchase and sale agreements between Buyers and Sellers with the condition of pre-payment via as the owner of an aggregator that acts on behalf of Merchants with the involvement of an authorized payment acceptance operator or an electronic money operator. All transactions are made by involved payment system operators/banks. at the same time, it does not directly participate in sales and purchase agreements between Buyers and Sellers.

2. Payment methods.

(a) payment for Goods is made in advance online via the Website. Available online payment methods are indicated in the Payment section.

(b) payment Currency – rubles.

3. Limitation of liability.

(a) the Buyer chooses their own payment method on the Site. it does not guarantee the continued availability of online payment in the event of a technical failure on the Site.

(b) Please note that Bank card transactions are carried out directly by the Bank servicing the card (account) Transactions with electronic money are carried out by operators. If the Bank or operator suspects that the payment does not meet the requirements for such transactions or is fraudulent, the Bank or operator has the right to refuse to perform the transaction.

If the payment operation is canceled, the purchase and sale agreement with the Seller will not be considered concluded, and the money will not be debited from the Buyer's account.

(C) the price of an Item on the Site may be changed by the Seller unilaterally, but the price of an Item already ordered and paid for by the Buyer does not change.


1. Guarantee for repayment.

(a) the Buyer has the right to return the Goods of proper quality within 7 calendar days after receiving the Order, provided that the requirements of clause 2 of this section are met.

(b) the Buyer has the right to return Goods of improper quality in the following cases:

- a defect or defect that is not caused by the Buyer himself. A defective Product is considered a product that is defective and cannot perform its functions. The seller has the right to request photo and video confirmation of the defective Product;

- a significant discrepancy between the Product and the Product description on the Site in terms of key characteristics.

(C) If the Buyer has changed his purchase decision in the course of delivering the Order, then immediately after receiving it, the Buyer must follow clause 2 of this section.

(d) before returning an Item, please read the terms of return of Goods and money described below. The procedure for approving refunds of Goods and money is described in the section customer Protection.

2. Return of goods of proper quality.

(a) the Buyer may reject Goods of proper quality provided that the following conditions are met:

- The product is serviceable, meets the stated properties, and can be used for its intended purpose (sold again). Items with signs of use or damage are not subject to return;

- the product packaging must not be opened, its commercial appearance and remaining shelf life must be preserved. Items without the original packaging are not refundable;

- if the Product consists of several parts, all components and components must be returned (accessories, instructions, labels, tags, etc.);

- no more than 7 calendar days have passed since the customer received the Goods.

(b) The return Of goods of proper quality is at the Buyer's expense.

Neither the Seller, nor they do not reimburse the Buyer for sending such Goods to the Seller's address, nor do they reimburse the cost of delivering the Goods to the Buyer (in the case of paid delivery).

(C) the Seller shall be entitled to conduct the examination of returned Product to determine its safety, if he has doubts about the integrity of the Buyer and his credibility, and to report the results of the examination in and to the Buyer.

The buyer does not have the right to refuse or exchange a good quality Product if the Product is included in the list of good quality non-food products that are not subject to return or exchange (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55 of 19.01.1998).

3. Return of an item that differs from the description.

(a) a product other than the description means a product that does not fully or partially correspond to the description. Product photos shown on the Site may differ in color from the actual color due to differences in color rendering on electronic devices. A slight difference in the design elements or layout from the description stated on the Site is not a reason to return the Product.

(b) Products that contain the words "in stock" or "appearance may differ" in their descriptions are not subject to refund due to differences in the appearance of the Product from the Product image on the Site.

4. Return of goods of improper quality.

(a) for defective Goods for which the Seller has established a warranty period, a refund is possible if defects are found during the warranty period. it does not give any guarantees for the Sellers ' Products.

(b) If the Seller has not established a warranty period, the defective Product may be returned within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Product. If the Buyer provides an expert opinion confirming the factory character of the defect, then a refund is possible within a reasonable time, but in any case within two years from the date of receipt of the Goods.

(C) when returning a defective Product, the Seller will reimburse the cost of delivery and return of the Product, provided that documents confirming the Buyer's expenses for the return are provided (for example, receipts from the Russian Post).

(d) Goods damaged by the Buyer due to improper operation, carelessness or improper use will not be returned.

5. Refund of money.

(a) Refunds are made automatically only by the method that was used to pay for the Goods.

(b) the seller's time Limits for refunds are set individually in each case, but must not exceed 10 calendar days from the date of resolution of the Dispute in favor of the Buyer. The Dispute is resolved in accordance with the section buyer's Protection and dispute resolution.

(C) Refund by force it is carried out within 10 calendar days after receipt of the relevant request from the Buyer, when the Dispute could not be resolved by the Buyer with the Seller independently, or the Buyer is not satisfied with the result for reasonable reasons.

The specified period may be extended due to a delay in performing refund operations by the relevant Bank / operator. In this case, neither neither the Seller can affect the speed of the refund, provided that they have taken all steps to return the money.

(d) the Buyer is given 3 (three) calendar days from the moment of receipt of the Order to open a Dispute with the Seller for the discovery of obvious damage to the Goods related to delivery, incomplete configuration, or receipt of an empty Order.

6. Refund of money for violation of the deadline for delivery of the Product to the Buyer.

(a) a Refund for an Item that was not delivered within the stated deadline is subject to simultaneous compliance with the terms and conditions:

- the period stated for delivery of Goods has expired. However, the delay in delivery was not caused by the Buyer – for example, if it was impossible to contact them, an incorrect address was entered, or if personal data was not provided for customs clearance of Goods;

- The buyer sent the Seller viathe support notification of cancellation of the purchase and sale agreement and refund of paid funds;

- information received from the Buyer does not contradict information received from the delivery Service. If, according to the carrier's data, the Goods were handed over to the Buyer, a Dispute opens with the Seller;

- The buyer waives the right to receive the Product from the moment of sending a refund for it.

(b) the customer has the right to refuse to refund the amount of advance payment for the Goods upon receipt from the Seller or the delivery Service of confirmation of receipt of the Goods by the Buyer.


1. The buyer is guaranteed:

(a) Refund of the money paid in case of violation of the stated delivery terms, provided that the Buyer complies with the terms of such refund.

(b) Refund of money paid for an item of improper quality, or for an item that does not meet the description on the Site, provided that the Buyer complies with the terms of such refund.

(C) Individual approach to resolving Buyer's Disputes in the manner described below.

(d) Security of the Buyer's personal data provided, inter alia, for the purpose of customs clearance of imported Goods. For more information about the terms of personal data protection, see the sectionPolicy on the processing of personal data.

2. The above warranties are not valid in the following cases:

(a) the Buyer intentionally misleads the Seller and/or, regarding delayed Order delivery. This information is provided by the Seller and they can check the delivery Service's reports.

(b) the Buyer provides false information that the delivered Goods do not meet the description and/or stated requirements and quality. In such situations, the Seller and/or they can ask the buyer for proof of the nonconformities that They claim.

(C) the Order was actually delivered, but the Buyer refuses to accept it for any reason, or does not have time, and the Order is sent back to the Seller. In this case, the Buyer will not be refunded the cost of delivery.

(d) the Order was not delivered due to the Buyer's fault, or there was a delay in delivery of the Goods due to the Buyer's fault. In this case, the Buyer will not be refunded the cost of delivery.

3. Dispute resolution.

(a) in order to make a decision on the return of Goods and money paid, the Buyer must open a Dispute with the Seller on the Website. To do this, you must:

- contact the Seller via the Website by clicking on the "Request a replacement or refund" button on the Buyer's Account;

- describe the problem and provide the requested documents and information, if necessary;

- wait for the Seller's decision. In case of a long wait (more than 24 hours from the first contact with the Seller) The customer has the right to contact the support Service

(b) Upon approval of the return by the Seller, the Buyer must return the received Item to the address that the Seller will notify for return, using the following methods:

- By Russian post or other transport company (at the Buyer's choice) to the address that the Seller will notify for a refund;

To accept a refund, the Buyer must fill out an electronic refund application from the Buyer's Account.

The seller may allow the Buyer not to return the Product if it is defective. In this case, the refund to the Buyer does not depend on the fact that the Product was sent to the Seller.

(C) the Seller independently decides on the issue of refund of money and Goods within the framework of the Dispute.

If the Buyer does not agree with the Seller's decision, the Dispute is referred to the support Service for consideration Support staff can request additional information and documents from the Buyer and Seller that are necessary for making a decision on the Dispute.

(d) if the dispute resolution support Team if the buyer makes a decision in Favor of the buyer, then further interaction on the issue of refunds occurs as follows:

- for violation of the delivery time of the Order, the refund is made after the decision on the Dispute is made, and the Buyer loses the right to receive the corresponding Order;

- for an item of proper quality, a refund is made only after the Seller receives the returned Item;

(e) the Dispute is considered settled if:

- closing it by the Seller and no objections from the Buyer.

- making the final decision by the support Service, if the Buyer and Seller could not agree.


(a) it is not a party to transactions made between the Buyer and the Seller, and is not responsible to Buyers for the quality of Goods sold on the Site. The quality, safety and compliance of the Product with its description, as well as the ability of the Seller to sell the Product are beyond the participation and control

(b) it is also not an intermediary, agent or representative of any party to transactions.

(in) it is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of information that Sellers upload to the Site independently.

(d) and the Seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the Buyer as a result of improper use of Goods purchased on the Site.

(e) Under no circumstances and its representatives are not liable to Buyers for any damage (other than intentional), including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused by using the Site.

(f) due to the fact that Goods from abroad are imported to the address of a direct buyer-an individual, under the procedure for importing goods for personal needs, the Seller does not guarantee that the Goods (complete with the Goods) have all the information and documents required under the legislation of the Russian Federation, since this Product is not intended for trade in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the Seller will take all necessary measures to provide Buyers with all the necessary information.

(g) All information about Products on the Site, including descriptions, photos, images of the logo, trademark, posted for informational purposes, solely to inform the Buyer of the information necessary for making a purchase decision. This information is not an advertisement, and is not created/owned by a third party, and Sellers.

(z) it is not a person authorized by the Seller to accept and satisfy the Buyer's claims for defective Goods. In this regard, does not compensate the Buyer for losses related to the sale of Goods of improper quality. The relevant requirements must be submitted directly to the Seller.